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Neuro Champions -
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Neuro Champions

Neuro Champions

Neuro Champions is a project that works with schools and youth organisations to support and train teenagers to become ‘Neuro Champions’ leading to a deeper understanding mental health through an experiential programme, connecting the world of neuroscience, physiology and behaviour.


The key aims of the website are to:

  • Introduce and promote the project to schools
  • Introduce and promote the project to teenagers
  • Articulate the projects missions and values
  • Promote the different programmes
  • Recruit trainers and project team members
  • Engage with Corporate sponsors / partners
  • Increase sign up to the project of schools

Phase 1


Neuro Champions wanted to launch the Neurochampions project to schools and create an online community for young people that aligned with their ornganisations direction and culture. They wanted to convey digitally, the company’s dedication to training teenagers to become Neuro Champions within schools that support peers and the wider public to learn about adolescent mental health. Neurochampions wanted a custom website that not only reflected the company’s values but provided their audience with resources. Through the prototyping and user experience process, we helped Neuro Champions, develop a strategised site map that supported their amazing audience focused content.


Phase 2

Style Concept

Neurochampions  wanted a site that was clean, youthful and with fewer text. Our approach was to focus on a site that featured a lot of high-quality imagery of young people and paired serif and sans-serif typefaces to depict the younger generation they target.Their social networks were integrated to the website to generate more leads to the social media platforms.

Phase 3


The new website helps Neurochampions to showcase their project to their various target audience and helping them to easily recruit facilitators to get support, and see young people who’ve benefitted from their project.

We are delighted with the site and it has been a real pleasure working with Ethic Digital. We are happy to continue working with them on future project.