A Digital Agency

Giving Back

Here at Ethic Digital we  believe that being in business is only worthwhile if there is an opportunity to give back. That’s why we committed to giving back to non-profit sector in time and money. Giving back is a big part of our company culture.


Giving to Charity

We are also committed to supporting a wide range of charities locally and overseas. Through charity partnerships Ethic Digital brings together their best talent to help charities more effectively deliver on their missions. Every year we partner with a charitable organisation for a two-week pro bono consulting digital communication project to help our nonprofit partners amplify their meaningful impact on the communities they serve.

Giving to Community

At Ethic Digital we make a conscious effort to ensure that each year, a percentage of our profits go to charitable causes, both here in the UK and overseas. We support children and initiatives of local communities in areas of education and community development.