Why Charities need to embrace Digital

Digitisation and especially social media have transformed people’s behaviour with people increasingly spending time online. Big charities are increasingly using digital technology to reach donors and volunteers whereas small charities are missing out on donations each year by not doing enough to engage in digital technology.  The explosion in digital technology and the rise of the empowered, connected customer are driving digital transformation and small charities need to adapt in order to survive . Here are two reasons why small charities need to embrace digital:

To Survive and Thrive in the Digital Age

Today’s new technology trends – including social, cloud, big-data analytics – are creating profound risks as well as opportunities. Whether or not a small charity will survive the onslaught depends on its ability to identify and respond to the challenges. To a greater extent, people’s impressions of an organisation are established through digital engagement and as such a great digital experience is now a necessity as this can make – or break your organisation. Businesses must be truly up to date with the changes being driven by technology, and be wary of the opportunities and threats. Small charities will need to embrace digital not only to survive but to thrive and more specifically not to be left behind.

Better Insights of Organisation and Stakeholders

As the Internet of Things continues to grow there is going to be a further increase in the amount of data being produced. With the right tools and system in place this data is extremely powerful. Patterns, trends and associations will be revealed, all of which can be used for better informed decisions regarding your charity. New technologies capable of storing and analysing large data sets will enable your charity to unlock the insights that big data holds without the headache and expense of managing sizeable internal IT systems.

This transition is not easy, and current small charity leaders approach it with varying degrees of speed and success. The one certainty is that those who have not already done so are in grave danger of being left behind.